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FoodFeasts.Asia is a leading multisided platform, serving F&B brands and businesses and our community of foodies.

Do you know??
Social Video Marketing is growing exponentially!
Online Videos will account for 80% of all consumer traffic in 2020 and beyond
83% of businesses feel that video marketing boosts their ROI
You can increase your conversions by 80% by adding a product video or a customer review video on your landing page
57% consumers feel that video improves their confidence levels when making online purchasess.
Having a video embedded on your website make you 53X more likely to show up on Google. 

As high as 30% of new F&B cafes and restaurants closed down each year and yet Singapore’s F&B market is increasingly thriving, in line with eating habits, lifestyle and affluence of consumers. The mass-market segment represents 75% of Singapore’s F&B market and is estimated to be worth about $6.2 billion. 

Marketing your restaurant is as essential as preparing good food or giving a great customer experience. Failure to market your restaurant right will make you lose out on customers. This is a massive blunder that most restaurateurs make and is one of the biggest reasons most restaurants fail.

Our intention is simple…, We are dedicated to help new and existing F&B businesses to thrive with consistent video content, better customer engagement and increased sales through customer experience (CX) process, video funnels and social marketing automation system.

As a community platform, we leverage on curated, viral food and how-to videos, as well as produce cutting-edge interactive videos and “snackable” ones for consistent and higher engagement, in guiding our foodies to mouth-watering yummy food, testing unique recipes, party/ event inspirations, checking out reviews, new dining experiences and finally to enjoy the best deals in town.

Our main draw is our custom interactive videos and “snackable” short videos that are exquisitely designed to pull and attract our community of foodies from all walks of life.

We feature, curate and produce only the best, viral food and interactive social food videos in Singapore and Asia as a delightful FOODFEASTS for our audience. It’s for foodies and our fellow Singaporeans to enjoy, watch, choose, purchase and even review what they like most on this social video platform. 

FoodFeasts also offers a robust social video marketing automation system to help F&B brands and businesses in designing brand stories, creating customer experience and obtain better customer insights, with exclusive giveaways to delight our community of foodies always!

Especially crucial for F&B entrepreneurs and those who are new in this line who have yet to leverage on power of videos and social media marketing.

With over 25 years of combined F&B, Technology, Media and Creative Production Experience, our professional team is deeply compelled to unravel your food journey and stories of culture, inspiration and passion together with a dedicated team.

So by joining us, we will help you to create Omnipresence with an Authority Brand, Out-Market your Competitors and most importantly, Generate Unstoppable Leads with Crazy Conversions to Skyrocket your business month after month. Sounds good, let’s get started right now?

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